Prices are Controlled

Have you ever wondered what makes the price of Bitcoin go up or down? Well, those that control the crypto space know that a small number of traders may ask themselves that very question, so they prepared a few good answers for them well in advance.

Read any trading book, visit any trading web site or listen to any trading influencer on social media and the vast majority will tell you that price goes up and down because of buyers and sellers or supply and demand. When more buyers want to buy, the price goes up. When more sellers want to sell, the price goes down. They even present us with fictional bulls and bears fighting for control of the market to make their stories more believable. Don't fall for it. It's all a lie!

Ignore the News

Did you ever get confused when bad news was released yet the price of Bitcoin went up? Maybe the last time there was bad news it went down. There is no consistency right? That's because it's irrelevant whether the news is good or bad. The release of any news is simply to justify volatility in the market and price being manipulated to move in the direction that they want it to go. In my educational materials I discuss who 'they' are and what really makes price move.

Ignore the Experts

Many 'experts' would have you believe that they can accurately predict where the price of Bitcoin will be later today, by the end of the month or at some time over the next few years. They are actually making guesses based on either past history or on some form of technical analysis. They may present sophisticated looking charts with lines, boxes and triangles all over it to make themselves appear more professional but what very few, if any of them realize is that they are basing their guesses on patterns and indicators provided to them by those that control the markets. They have been lied to.

Technical Analysis is a Trap

The movement of price is not simply random as traders are lead to believe. Price is manipulated and moved in such a way that it 'paints' patterns on the charts so that traders using technical analysis tools to make decisions get tricked. When a well known pattern appears on the charts, those in control of the market know exactly how traders are going to react. After all, they did teach them how to trade. They stall price and justify it as 'indecision in the market'. They wait for confirmation from the complicit crypto exchanges that enough orders have been placed and then price is moved rapidly against the majority of larger traders so that their stop-losses or liquidation points are hit. It's just one of many perfect traps.

If any of that information is too much for you to take in, then my educational materials and platform are definitely not for you. The examples I have outlined here are just the tip of the iceberg. This site is intended for critical thinkers that have already figured out that they are being lied to and are suspiscious that prices are being manipulated. I look forward to teaching you how to change your way of thinking so that you no longer fear manipulation and volatility and instead come to thrive on it and make better trades.

The longer you stay in a trade the more vulnerable you become to price reversal - Scalpers Worldwide

Price Manipulation

Never attempt to predict prices. Leave that to the 99% of traders who are obsessed with where price has been in the past and where it may go in the future. As scalpers, we don't predict - we react.

The only thing we can predict with 100% accuracy is market maker manipulation. We know for certain it is going to happen - we just don't know when. This is where patience comes into play. We have to wait for them to make a move, show their hand and then react. That's the easy part. Once we commit our money to the charts we engage into a psychological battle, some of which we will lose and some we will win. The important thing is that our intuition improves with every single trade - win or lose.