Crypto VPN

Keep your Crypto Transactions Anonymous

If online anonymity is high on your list of priorities then I promise not to give you false hopes - like hinting that you will automatically be anonymous when using one of my VPN's. This is obviously not the case and it takes some effort from your side and mine in order to achieve anonymity.

My VPN servers have direct connections to Cogent and HE and there is strictly no logging of incoming or outgoing IP packets at any of the data centers. It should be made clear that the Wireguard server software keeps a temporary record of the IP address used for the last connection for each user but this is not accessible to anyone other than myself.

Provided traffic stays within the terms of service of the data centers that I use, then there is very little risk of server seizure by any third party. This is the reason I only allow outgoing VPN connections to a whitelist of crypto exchanges. To help you achieve anonymity, you are welcome to pay by cash directly into my personal bank accounts in the USA, Australia or Thailand.

You are also welcome to send cash in an envelope to an address in Thailand as I have absolutely nothing to hide by respecting your requirement for anonymity. Of course, you are welcome to pay with crypto and as there are too many to mention, simply get in touch to find out if I can accept payments from your preferred project. If you trust a specific privacy coin project like Monero, zCash or others and prefer to send payments through it, then let me know what it is and I will try to provide you with an address to send payments to.

Providing me with an email address is convenient for us to communicate, however, I do not require one and you will not be asked for one when signing up. We can communicate securely and privately through the chat facility on my web platform. When you visit my platform or connect to my VPN, I encourage you to do so via another 3rd party VPN or from public Wifi so I have no way of discovering an IP address that would uniquely identify you. I am always open to any other suggestions you may have that will help you remain anonymous.

There are several reasons that I chose to use the Wireguard VPN. Perhaps the most important reason was the widespread availability of software clients and App’s that make it simple for Customers to get connected. There are easy to install software clients for Windows, Linux and Apple computers plus there are App’s available for Apple and Android devices. Can I guarantee that the Wireguard VPN software respects your privacy and does not 'report home' to some three letter agency? Of course not - none of us can fully trust anything that we do not have control of ourselves. All I can guarantee is that I will do the best I can with what I have available to me.

I run VPN servers in data centers in the USA, however, the most popular location chosen by my customers is the Luxembourg data center. Luxembourg is considered quite privacy conscious and respected by many businesses around the world - including crypto exchanges.

The IP address blocks used by popular VPN services are well known and although it may not be possible for a web site to detect where you are located, it's pretty clear to them that you are using a VPN to 'hide' your real IP address and location. Sometimes it's best to use a VPN with a dynamic IP address that changes regularly. This can be accomplished by using one of our VPN servers that runs on a Raspberry Pi device (mini computer) hooked up to a residential internet connection in Thailand.