About Me

I don't want to waste anybody's time. I also don't want to waste my own time, so let's cut to the chase. If you have never been called a conspiracy theorist before, then this site is probably not for you.

My educational resources and platform have been developed for critical thinkers - those that have the ability to think for themselves and are capable of making their own decisions. Less than one in a hundred people have critical thinking skills, so my target audience is very small indeed.

Critical Thinkers Only

As a critical thinker you will already have an understanding of how the world is controlled. I too have my own understanding and although we will almost certainly disagree on the finer points, we should be smart enough not to allow ourselves to be divided by this and instead focus on our common understandings.

CryptoCurrency was based on the 'Satoshi Lie' from the very outset and it should be clear to most that the fundamentals of each and every project are simply fairy tales for the herd to latch onto. The use of the term 'currency' would indicate that most crypto projects exist with the purpose of providing a means to send and receive money, yet how many out of the many thousands of projects actually provide that capability or do anything even remotely useful?

The Crypto space is rotten to the core and will remain that way. There are no regulators for 'them' to worry about when they aggresively manipulate price. Who are you going to complain to when the exchange you are using comes up with all kinds of tricks to take your money from you. Even the so-called stablecoins are anything but stable.

Why would anyone want to get involved in that mess you may ask? Well, people do, and I'm here to offer help to a small group of fellow critical thinkers in the hope that they avoid making the same mistakes that I made when I first started trading crypto.