Crypto and Forex Scanner

I wrote my own Crypto Scanner / Screener software to help me closely monitor and quickly detect movement on multiple assets in the background while I focus on the charts of the current assets I am trading. It's like having a second pair of eyes and ears to help you through your busy trading day.


It constantly scans price movements on many popular assets and also allows users of my platform to add and monitor as many of their own favorites as they want. You can set alerts on any number of assets so that you never miss the big movers or when custom levels are reached. CryptoScanner can play custom audio files from your Windows computer file system when you set alerts. You can alos have the software send out emails or communicate with 3rd party apps via UDP or HTTP.

CryptoScanner is a Windows application that you download onto your computer. When started up, it acts as a node on the ScalpWithMe network. The more people that run nodes, the more precise the network becomes and the quicker everyone receive alerts. To take full advantage of the software you can download and install a Syslog server of your choice to display and optionally store price data.

There are currently two versions of CryptoScanner which are made available for you to download from within the ScalpWithMe platform after you register and make a payment. There is no requirement to provide your real name or email address. Simply provide a user name and you will automatically be allocated a User ID. The ID will be displayed only on screen if you choose not to provide an email address.

CryptoScanner connects to the CoinMarketcap and CoinGecko API's so you will need to sign up with at least one of them in order to receive an API key. Simply enter your API key(s) into CryptoScanner and you are live.

New for 2024 is the addition of a feature to include forex pairs in our scanning software. There are many forex bots around but they tend to focus on traders that follow the mainstream approach of trading patterns. Our software is more for forex and crypto traders that have learned that this does not work and who have developed their own system or method of trading. Our scanning software simply keeps an eye on things while you are away doing other things. It will alert you to movements in price but it will not attempt to enter you into trades.