Crypto and Forex Trading Software and Services

"Trading is like Life - You are lied to from the beginning and manipulated until the end"

My goal is to help you spot the lies, avoid the traps, turn price manipulation to your advantage and become a more profitable trader. I have a deep understanding of who manipulates the price of financial assets and exactly how they do it. You can only improve your crypto and forex trading skills after you have developed a true understanding of how things really work behind their wall of lies.

I write software and provide services to help traders of financial markets - stocks, forex and crypto. I offer an option for complete anonymity when paying by cash or privacy coin. This site is definitely not for everyone, in fact it will only be of interest to a very small number of people. I hope you are one of them.

If you decide to stick around, then check out the Archive Menu for blog posts about how to trade crypto differently to everybody else. You will find price projections and trading tips based on minute by minute Psychology - not on what some youtube influencer has been paid to say. Just for fun, I also provide an alternative view to the garbage news spewed out by the mainstream crypto media.

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